Regular travellers to Europe who need to hold funds in euros can transfer instantly between linked Royal Atlantic Bank current accounts.The minimum deposit is £5,000 (or the Euro equivalent) at opening.

Accounts for Savings
Sovereign 30 Account - Issue Three
An account that offers an enhanced rate of interest on savings, providing that 30 days’ notice can be given of each intended withdrawal. One penalty free withdrawal per year of up to $2,500 is also permitted providing the balance is over $5,000. Interest is only paid on balances that remain at $5,000 or more. Clients can select to have the monthly interest credited to another linked account so that it may be accessed more easily (providing the balance remains above $10,000). The minimum opening deposit is $5,000 per account, with a minimum of $5,000 to be maintained on the account. If the account balance falls below the $5,000 minimum required, a charge of $15 will be applicable in each calendar month that the balance is below the minimum.