Regular travellers to Europe who need to hold funds in euros can transfer instantly between linked Royal Atlantic Bank current accounts.The minimum deposit is £5,000 (or the Euro equivalent) at opening.

Private Bank Account
The Private Bank Account is our flagship Account.

The Royal Atlantic Bank Private Bank Account offers the very best of Royal Atlantic Bank first class banking service. We place importance on providing an exemplary level of service and our Private Bank Account takes this to a higher level whilst also offering many exclusive benefits.

As our Private Bank Account is an exclusive account, it is only available to clients who are able to hold a minimum $100,000 with Royal Atlantic Bank Private Bank, across savings and/or structured products. The minimum opening deposit is $5,000 per account. If the account balance falls below the $5,000 minimum required, a charge of $15 will be applicable in each calendar month that the balance is below the minimum. No interest is paid on accounts with balances below $100,000. (Please note that the total deposits across all accounts needs to be a minimum of $100,000).

We have created a dedicated, specially trained Private Bank Account Team, who will be at the end of the phone to personally help Private Bank Account clients with any requirements. The team member who initially responds to your client's call will follow it through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Please see the Private Bank Account Factsheet and Private Bank Account Terms and Conditions for more information.

Interest rates are variable, please see current available interest rates.